All WISCONSINWX.COM posts and stories from November 2017
Will be separating conversation from factual observation in 5.3. Community will be getting it's own section and pull into reports and warnings selectively. Thus far I've been blending it all together in the feed. So the way you interact with the website will be changing for the better and should make more sense. Gives a clear direction for expansion on future updates!
Weather has been quiet and boring lately! In October the weather pattern looked to be a week or two behind the average. Getting above average warmth now. It can turn on a dime this time of year. I believe with the la ni�a winter will be heavy on the backend for February and March. There is no correlation between earlier winter lack of cold/snow and late winter. So sitting back now waiting for mother nature to flip the switch. It will. 
WIWX 5.3 is in development! The time away gave me a chance to rethink some things. I've delayed storm chasing logs and video archive. Working instead on many new maps. New graphs. New forecasts. New home page. Adjustments to many pages to make using them more intuitive and useful. Getting historical data closer to being useful. Removing the weird stuff that has no purpose plus fixing a bunch of small things here or there. But most important to me is trying to understand WHY and HOW someone should visit our website. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see added and I'll do my best!
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