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Wisconsin Weather is your alternative source for severe weather coverage, weather forecasts, storm chasing, and more! Established in 2013 our passionate volunteer team of storm chasers, meteorologists, and citizen scientists lead the weather community forward. We operate the largest storm chasing website and video library in the Great Lakes region! We work hard to provide you with the most accurate, most interesting, and most pure weather experience in the world.
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"Love you guys. You are the most accurate, in the moment weather people. Totally rely on you guys and appreciate all you do!"
- Jean

"I just want to thank you for posting about the possible multi vortices last night heading towards Seymour. Because of that I was able to get my kids and animals into shelters before the tornado warning even came out and the weathermen went live. Wouldn't of helped because our dish was out anyway at that point! What you do makes a difference"
- Jennifer

“I watch your posts on FB closely. Thanks for pouring your heart and soul into that…it shows.”
- Jill


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Over the last 30 days, 10-20 INCHES of rain fell across southern Wisconsin. 4-10" fell in northern Wisconsin. Average is around 4.0"
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Best the lawn has looked all summer long!
Raining here
Coop weekend rainfall totals
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