Meet the Team

Justin Poublon
Team President
Veteran Storm Chaser
Justin grew up in Oshkosh, WI fearing thunderstorms and severe weather. Justin witnessed the 1996 Oakfield F5 event from the family farm on the south side of Oshkosh. Days later he visited the city of Oakfield seeing the destruction first hand. Justin’s parents - with very vivid recollection - would often talk about the 1974 Oshkosh F4 tornado. The 2001 Oshkosh bookend vortex hit home causing significant damage to the farm where his interest in weather took off. Justin dreamed of a career in Meteorology and attending the University of Wisconsin after high school but when the weather went quiet Justin took his education in a different direction. In July of 2009 fate intervened as Justin chased his first supercell in Montello, WI bringing him back to weather.

Justin received his Bachelors of Science in Geology from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh in 2013 while chasing storms across the upper midwest. Justin founded RogueChaseWI in 2010 and Wisconsin Weather in 2013. He wrote weather columns for the Oshkosh Northwestern newspaper in 2014. Justin has witnessed historic tornado events such as Rochelle EF4 (2015) and Chetek EF3 (2017), observing 250+ thunderstorms since 2009. Justin still lives in Oshkosh. He loves football, family, and dreaming of the future.
Joe "Slotter" Slotevig
Veteran Storm Chaser
Joe was born and raised in the Chippewa Valley in west-central Wisconsin. Growing up near the small town of Boyceville not only instilled a strong work ethic, but also an awareness for severe weather. Joe remembers stepping outside to watch storms roll in. Living in the country at a young age there were no storm sirens or web apps to warn them. “We learned a lot just by watching the sky”. Joe also remembers the stories his relatives told about their experiences in 1958 with the deadly F5 tornado that became known as the ‘Colfax Tornado’. Those stories lead to fascination that paved the way into becoming a storm chaser later in life.

Joe became a member of Wisconsin Weather in 2015. He also has a Youtube page called Wisconsin Storm Trip, where he shares videos of his storm chase adventures across the upper-midwest. Joe has over a decade of storm chasing experience and has chased many severe weather events including the historic May 16th, 2017 EF-3 Chetek tornado, and the April 10th, 2011 Wisconsin tornado outbreak. He also experienced Hurricane Ivan in southern Mississippi in 2004 when he was stationed there while serving in the Army. Joe enjoys the outdoors. Fishing and hunting whitetail deer keeps him busy when severe weather is finished for the year.

Hunter Anderson

Meteorology Student
St. Cloud University (MN)
Joined: 2013
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Isaac Schluesche

Storm Chaser - Photographer
Joined: 2017
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Moderators & Advisory Committee

Chris Valley

Meteorologist & Veteran Storm Chaser
Joined: 2013

Justin Gloede

Veteran Storm Chaser
University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley
Joined: 2013
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