Heavy Rain This Weekend

Timeframe:3:00 PM FRI to 6:00 AM MON
Confidence:Below Average
Primary Hazard:Heavy Rain
Class: 2 - Minor
Forecaster:Justin Poublon

Last Update: 9:14 AM - Tue May 21, 2019


Tonight, Saturday, and Sunday will bring multiple chances for rain and thunder to Wisconsin. Models still disagree on exactly where the heaviest rain will fall but all show potential for 2-4".

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TONIGHT - T-storms in northern Iowa were quick to produce 2" of rainfall accumulation this evening. This activity will move north across Wisconsin tonight. Just the first of several rounds of rain this weekend.

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10:00PM FRI radar image. Rain moving through southern WI.

SAT/SUN - Models still disagree on exactly where the heaviest rain will fall. All suggest 2-4" somewhere in Wisconsin by early Monday AM. I've continued to blend models together to create the 2-4" zone and will not adjust any further. I don't know exactly where those 4" amounts will end up. I'm skeptical of the models putting the heaviest rains over the northwest. I suspect convection will keep the heaviest rain across central or southern WI. Just not sure. Challenging forecast.

With so much rain and clouds we likely won't see much t-storm threat this weekend. Will handle anything that develops on a short term basis.

Regions: Northeast IA, Upper MI, Southeast MN, Northeast WI, Northwest WI, Southeast WI, Southwest WI, Western WI

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Forecast Grade: F

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain

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May 17
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May 17
Wisconsin Weather
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May 16
Rainfall forecast for Friday PM, Saturday, Sunday. The system finally ends Monday AM.
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What is the outlook forecast timeframe?
Forecast timeframes change and are defined by start and end dates which differ by storm event.
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We are independent and capable of creating our own forecasts. We are experts on Wisconsin severe weather trends having chased storms for many years. Our accuracy is as good or better than the alternatives.
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Tornadoes are possible today, but your outlook only shows a Strong t-storm threat?
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