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How Much Water is in the Snow

By Justin Poublon
February 27, 2019 - 1:31 PM CST | 116   0

With all the snow laying around I wondered how much liquid water is locked in all those crystals?

If all the snow was melted it would equal about 4-10" of water in northern Wisconsin where the current snow depth is 20-40". Less water locked up in southern WI.

Liquid equivalent and current snow depth as of Feb 27, 2019.
Liquid equivalent and current snow depth as of Feb 27, 2019.

In north-central WI some of the snow is likely compacted towards the bottom from earlier in the winter. It compresses down over time. I wouldn't say snow depth like this unusual at some point during an average winter however...

It's late in winter - we are back-loaded.

If more snow falls in March and mother nature decides to melt it all at once; we will have spring flooding issues. I wouldn't worry too much about it right now. You probably have other things to deal with.

Signs of a massive warm up have yet to be seen. Cold air has really dominated the last couple months and at our current rate it will take awhile to melt all this snow - probably not an issue. What I know about mother nature in 2019 is that anything is possible.

If you have property prone to spring flooding this might be something to anticipate or prepare for. Right now it's more of a curious thought. Hmm, what if?

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