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UPDATED - March Storm to Bring Snow, Rain, and Wind

By Justin Poublon
March 8, 2019 - 3:13 PM CST | 1,514   0

A strong low pressure system will push directly through Wisconsin this weekend. Precipitation will begin during the day Saturday ending Sunday morning. Heavy snow will fall in the north with up to an inch of rain south and a wintry mix/changeover in central Wisconsin. Strong wind gusts will occur and I cannot rule out blizzard-like conditions at times Saturday night; overall this will not be a full blown blizzard. Plan for minor blowing/drifting snow on Sunday.


Timeline of events this weekend.
Timeline of events this weekend.


Forecast models today shifted the 7-12" further west into Minnesota and lowered snow totals across northern Wisconsin. The issue is that models have been inconsistent and it makes it a difficult forecast to zero in on. Heavy snow will fall over northern Wisconsin Saturday night into Sunday morning gradually ending by noon. I expect 4-7" across all of northern Wisconsin and upper Michigan.

In central Wisconsin precipitation will begin as a wintry mix transitioning to snow. The wintry mix may contain freezing rain or sleet. Snow accumulations will be wet and heavy and could range from trace amounts to 4"+ over a short distance in places like Fond du Lac to Green Bay.

4 panel display of weekend storm impacts
4 panel display of weekend storm impacts


Mostly rain will fall across southern Wisconsin Saturday PM however models do show a potential mix with snow, sleet, or freezing rain northwest of Milwaukee. Rainfall amounts of 0.5-1.0". By Sunday morning the dry slot will reduce rain to mist, drizzle, or light snow flurries wraping around during the day. The combination of snow cover and frozen soil will impede rainwater from soaking into the ground. Rain becomes runoff which leads to standing water, localized flooding, and ponding in low lying areas. Be advised if you plan to travel Saturday as puddles can sneak up on you while driving at night. You can help by making sure storm drains are clear of snow and debris!


The strongest wind gusts will Saturday afternoon and evening gusting to 40-50 MPH in southeast Wisconsin and relatively weaker in the north/northwest. Somewhere across Wisconsin I cannot rule out blizzard-like conditions at times Saturday night. Overall not a full blown blizzard especially with the wet snow. Bit of a communication problem and you'll see what I mean. Wind gusts will turn westerly on Sunday gusting up to 35MPH causing minor blowing and drifting snow.


The storm will begin Saturday afternoon and evening.

Start times for Saturday.
Start times for Saturday.


There is a Winter Storm Warning in the northwest and Winter Weather Advisory in northeast Wisconsin. NOTE - The NWS will change things many times before the storm starts so I will wait to share until things are settled.

Current Warnings, Watches, and Advisories
Current warnings, watches, and advisories

NEXT UPDATE - This is the final detailed forecast for this storm. We always provide updates leading up to and during the storm our facebook page. Thanks for reading and hope to see you there!!


March 4, 1985 - Very good analog with shows the main snow band carrying east through northern/central Wisconsin. Timing of the occlusion is what makes this storm challenging to forecast.


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