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WIWX 7.64 - Energy Logo Update

Nov 12 2018 9:00 AM CST| 0 Comments | Wisconsin | News

"If you are not getting better, you are getting worse." - Joe Paterno

It's true that if you are not constantly improving, you are getting worse because everyone else is improving. But I think when you are constantly adding and changing things it's very difficult to bring it all together. I always talk about pulling all it together. It is a situation we need to put ourselves in more often. My focus now is exactly that. Slow down a little. Polish everything up. Try to do one or two things exceptionally well. Figure out where we are missing and getting it right. Getting it clicking.

ENERGY LOGO - Fell out of fancy with the previous logo and I would rather keep it the same, just felt like the right change to make. New logo pushed out this morning. I call it "energy" as if the logo itself is glowing white hot ready to explode, a reflection of Wisconsin Weather. Various shades of yellow that probably should be dimmed down a tad but will feel it out. It's a functional and effective quick ID symbol that will stick out on mobile devices, NOT an artistic statement.

Wisconsin Weather
"Energy" logo for 2019

MAPS - The other big change is to our maps which now have social media info at the bottom plus a few other changes. Missed a BIG opportunity last week when our forecast was shared to larger audience. Our forecast generally outperforms competition on accuracy but I've always known we could do better aesthetically. Time to dial it in. Ready for the next opportunity.

Wisconsin Weather
New forecast map layout

STORM EVENTS - Even though I just finished this, I'm starting on a project to combine outlooks and storm events into an single stream hybrid service. I waste a lot of time duplicating things between systems and need things to be more efficient (polish). We tried daily forecasts (i.e outlook system) similar to the SPC but I am not a fan. We can do more things at an hourly resolution while offering some new services and further differentiating ourselves along the way.

WARNINGS - If you follow our news update on wisconsinwx.com, you'll know I talk a lot about the warnings system. This project has been split. The lower hanging fruit including email alerts will happen this month, the bigger projects will come after that. I deemed the storm events project more important right now.

NEED MORE PEOPLE - Still looking for passionate 100% all-in team-orientated leaders to join our forecasting, website, and social media teams! For the storm chasers out there we will be rehashing the network after the holidays. Wisconsin Weather has GREAT foundation and potential! We have many opportunities if you are interested in weather and want to contribute to something bigger.

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