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WIWX 7.93 - Minor Update - Member Services Improved

By Wisconsin Weather
March 7, 2019 - 9:57 AM CST | 30   0

We've made just a few improvements across wisconsinwx.com with the update pushed this week. Here is the change list.

  • IMPORTANT - If you haven't CONFIRMED your account/email address you will stop receiving email alerts and blog posts after April 1, 2019. Visit your account to check your email status. I will be sending an email later this month as a reminder to those who haven't confirmed. Thanks!

  • Member-Only Forecast - Day one forecast is always free but everything else is member content. This system is built directly from our storm event forecasting system therefore updates are always immediate. Just note that sometimes it takes multiple adjustments to reach a final forecast. I will work on reducing the number of updates.

  • We can now resend previously emailed blog posts which is useful when we update the story instead of creating a new one.

  • Search box performance improved!

  • The Interactive Map has been updated and Day 1 outlooks will now function properly. There are still some issues and things that need to be added. Expect this page to be member only in the future.

  • Report Tool Improvements - on the profile and community page. One issue issue remains on mobile devices which allow text in the numeric-only magnitude field.

  • Historical observation sites are now displayed on a google map located here. Was able to fit this new feature in despite being in a very active weather pattern. We have a need for record/historical data at the moment and sometimes you need a nearby second opinion.

  • Wind outlook map color schemes changed/improved. Also added two new outlook map types.

This is a short list due to the active weather pattern. The timing is great because we are planning a major website update in the next two months which looks to coincide with a relaxing weather pattern later this month.

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