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Wisconsin Expecting Major Storm Next Week

By Justin Poublon
April 7, 2019 - 3:44 PM CST | 1,063   0

WEDS PM through FRI AM a major storm will impact the western Great Lakes. Heavy snow & rain is expected in Wisconsin. It looks to start as snow, then turn to rain/t-storms on Thursday.

GFS simulation from tropicaltidbits.com
GFS simulation from tropicaltidbits.com

I would not be surprised to see 1-2 FEET of snow somewhere in MN or NW WI based on the latest model data!

It's still early. Storm track changes are possible. The exact placement of the heaviest snow could certainly change but this is my expectation right now. Brings back memories of the April 2018 historic blizzard. It's the same magnitude just in a different location (MN instead of NE-WI).

I will share the details as they become available. Please check back throughout the week for the latest information! You can visit our member-only area for preliminary thoughts and discussion.

Thank you!

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