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Storm chaser and a proud member and contributor of the Wisconsin Weather Group (WIWX). I have been chasing severe weather since 2008. I am also an avid outdoorsman. Currently residing in Menomonie, WI.

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Much needed rain arrived in west-central Wisconsin today and this evening. Areas in southern St. Croix County received up to 4 inches of storm-total-rainfall so far which prompted a flash flood warning earlier.
Hunter Anderson and I chased a series of storms across eastern Illinois and western Indiana on Aug. 6th. This pic is one of the storms we intercepted near Otterbein, Indiana. (Photo taken by Hunter Anderson.)
Wide angle shot on a severe warned storm in western Wisconsin this last Wednesday.
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Significant snow storm expected for parts of west-central and north-central Wisconsin this coming Monday... Should be interesting!
Some overnight frost expected Tuesday night for parts of northwest Wisconsin.
First day of Autumn and it feels like mid-July. A cool down is on it's way next week.
The last legit storm chase I was on was July 25th in eastern Minnesota. Not a single chase in August. 
Feeling more like October lately.
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Happy Independence Day!
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