Wisconsin Weather

APR 14, 2018 | Historic Blizzard of 2018

Event Type
5 - Historic
Thu Apr 12 - Mon Apr 16, 2018

Event Summary

A historic late season blizzard pummeled northeast and north-central Wisconsin on April 13-15, 2018. A large area of 15 to 30 inches of snow and winds gusting over 45 mph rewrote the record books for many locations across the area. The heavy weight of the snow caused several roofs to collapse. Part of a roof at a motel in Green Bay collapsed over the pool area, and roofs of several barns in Brown and Outagamie counties were damaged. The storm brought blizzard or near-blizzard conditions to much of the area and made roads impassable from time-to-time. Winds of 35 to 50 mph caused sporadic power outages and created waves of 10 to 16 feet on Lake Michigan. The persistent northeast wind created shoreline erosion along the western shores of the lake. Many businesses were closed for part or all the weekend.
Last Update: 12:37 PM - Tue February 19, 2019

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