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DEC 1, 2018 | 8.0" of Heavy Snow in La Crosse

Event Type
3 - Moderate
Sat Dec 1 - Mon Dec 3, 2018

Event Summary

A long duration winter storm will bring rain, snow, and windy conditions this weekend starting Saturday morning in the south. Snow will mix with rain or freezing rain at times in central Wisconsin. The storm will linger off and on into Sunday finally pulling away Sunday night. Snow of around 3-6" in a band across central Wisconsin with locally higher amounts possible. Wind gusts of 40-50 MPH on Saturday across central and southwest Wisconsin. Wind gusts will weaken throughout the weekend but remain gusty at times. Rain and dry slotting across southern Wisconsin.
Regions: Upper MI, Southeast MN, Northeast WI, Northwest WI, Southwest WI, Western WI
Last Update: 6:24 AM - Thu December 6, 2018

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