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Working on a composer update that will make writing on WIWX a better experience! 
WIWX 6.2 launched this afternoon! Don't forget to refresh your browser cache or hit F5 + CTRL to update page appearance if it looks weird. Will try to fix this for next update.
WIWX 5.3 is in development! The time away gave me a chance to rethink some things. I've delayed storm chasing logs and video archive. Working instead on many new maps. New graphs. New forecasts. New home page. Adjustments to many pages to make using them more intuitive and useful. Getting historical data closer to being useful. Removing the weird stuff that has no purpose plus fixing a bunch of small things here or there. But most important to me is trying to understand WHY and HOW someone should visit our website. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see added and I'll do my best!
Welcome to all the new followers of WIWX!!!
We have a few bugs with our feeds right now that impact warnings and temperature maps and have turned some off until fixes can be made. This will be resolved on the next update! Please check out our facebook page for more Wisconsin Weather! -> www.facebook.com/WIWXGROUP/