Rotating thunderstorm updraft that contains a mesocyclone
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yea what a day, i was up in price county chasing the lone supercell ahead of the main line, it never became tornado warned but it had decent rotation most of the time and it went on to produce a tornado in Tripoli (lincoln county) i was two miles away from the tornado and probably would have seen it if it were not for all the tree cover. 

Just recently i went up to langlande county to see some of the damage the macroburst had created. Let me tell you it was crazy! looked like a category 3 hurricane went through there, the hardest hit spots had 65% of trees all down. Highly recommend you take the trip up there and see what it did.
My thoughts for the next 48 hours from storm chasing perspective: I'm ho-hum about today/tonight. But heading out to Eau Claire area anyway and hopefully things light up. Focused mainly on Sunday. This morning model runs became uncertain about whether upper level support and possible MCS will move through at the best time for Wisconsin. In otherwords current models show upper support rolling though Wisconsin at around 1PM. This won't allow things to tie together and the setup becomes awkwardly disjointed between mid day and late afternoon setups, the late day one I'm wouldn't be thrilled about because of inversion. I'm not buying it yet, sometimes we see things happen close to the day 3 prog. I stand by my word that if things come together tomorrow, there will be a significant weather event. Chances of that are best when instability, 850mb, 700mb, 500mb all line up. Best way to approach it is to get out there and figure it out later. Trying to bottle up all the ideas into neat categories could cause you to miss a major event because you thought MCS, and what actually happened was dominant supercell.  
We've created a playlist for the May 16, 2017 Chetek tornado/supercell. 
Rain wrapped rotation on the supercell that produced an EF3 tornado last week in Barron and Rusk Counties.
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Treating today as if it is a widespread event. With partial clearing occurring upstream plus dynamics involved, I foresee no reason things would derail. I'm betting that late afternoon early evening round is a QCLS with embedded supercell structures. The last system like this that I can remember had a tendency to congeal. Early afternoon structures will be more cellular
Last post for awhile. Nice radar signatures out there. If it were June, we would have two tornadic right moving nighttime supercells. 
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