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Wisconsin Weather

Drought Monitor; Severe Drought in Southeast Wisconsin

Paired with warmer than average temperatures have caused the development of drought conditions across southern Wisconsin (and nearby areas). According to the HPRCC portions of Wisconsin are running 2-8" below average since April!

Departure from average precipitation
Departure from average precipitation

Observed precipitation in southern Wisconsin measures hardly 2.0" or less since April. If you do quick math using the departures above, normal precipitation would be around 6-10" for the period.

observed precipitation
observed precipitation

The drought monitor from https://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/ shows southern Wisconsin in drought conditions with severe level drought in southeast Wisconsin. The data is slightly old. The next update from the drought monitor will be posted on Thursday 6/17/2021.

Drought monitor from 6/10/2021
Drought monitor from 6/10/2021

Safe to say we could use some rain!

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Thanks for showing reasons for my brown lawn!
RGSODR | Jun 17, 2021
Justin Poublon likes this
Green Bay reported this is the fourth driest start to a year on record. Will this be another year like 1988? Farmers were cutting grass along roadsides for cattle feed. Anybody remember that one?
Dadyoho | Jun 17, 2021
Justin Poublon likes this
Rain yesterday was helpful I hope!
Justin Poublon | Jun 18, 2021


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