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Storm chaser since 2009. Meteorologist by definition since 2013. WISCONSINWX.COM website manager.

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Warnings and warning emails have been disabled again
Interesting feature on satellite I've never seen before. The surface cold front is located close to the arrow but it has a "shadow" to the east. It cannot be the cold front. Perhaps it is related to the cold front; sign of upwelling in the lower atmosphere? Maybe it's a fold at the 925-850mb level coincident with a wind shift? It's got perpendicular wave patterns north of La Crosse. Cool!
Wow. August was much quieter than June and July. Not much in eastern Wisconsin during August either though I did get out there once or twice. I'm thinking the season is done now but hoping for one more chase. 
The last legit storm chase I was on was July 25th in eastern Minnesota. Not a single chase in August. 
Cool clouds moving through
Nearly finished with update 5.1 which will bring the return of email alerts and improvements in warning information throughout the website. Storm reports back to 2004, improved blog, redesigned home page, removal of the news page, bug fixes and more. Still technically in storm chase season so not getting too carried away. The time was now for most of the changes. Chase summaries still an update away. Thinking about leverage some of the data we already have to create new features.
I'm not chasing yet but will get out there once it gets closer
Expect to see the most unprecedented level of sensationalism surrounding the Texas Hurricane. Heavy rain is a key indicator of man made global warming according to folks who believe in that sort of thing. Part of the agenda is to drill it into lay audience's head that it's never happened before. Major hurricanes have impacted this area of the country many times throughout recorded history. The only thing that changes is our sensitivity to it via societal changes AND urbanization. 30" is a lot of rain and it's certainly significant, but "worst ever" is always relative. Don't be fooled by knee jerkers. This is a motivation for me to finish the historical data aspect of Wisconsinwx.com so we can separate sensationalism from factual reality.
Welcome everyone who has joined in the last couple months! I've been extremely busy and WISCONSINWX.COM has taken a back seat. I'm backlogged several weeks(months?) with storm video, photography, and youtube episodes. This is a good opportunity to rethink some of the things implemented on the website. Ran into an issue with email warning alerts that won't be resolved until fall. But other than that we've been humming along. Thanks for your support! Will get more content on here soon!
Cumulonimbus clouds with a nice display of mammatus last evening across west-central WI. 
This has been the busiest stretch of weather in my storm chasing career. The website is getting a workout in terms of data and ran into some with the report feed yesterday. Will fix that tonight. Figured out what the issue was with watches and I'll try to fix that too so we can turn email alerts back on. Weeks of work ahead for video and photography. 
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