Hey there! The storms last week gave me clarity on what my next steps should be. I'm not ready to share exactly what that is (fear I would jinx it) but I'm happy to announce I'm working on two website updates! 

This week I'm focused on getting Facebook posts pulled into the "feed" for display. Already have the YouTube feed implemented just no videos recently. The home page is getting rolled back to a previous design but will use new feeds. Ultimately want the home page to be the nexus of communication. Going to clean out the old unused pages & maps as I try to condense the site down. Still investigating the blockage behind current observations (temps, sky con, etc.), I believe the web host environment could be the source. 7 day forecast logic needs tuning, too cloudy. Hope to have the warning feed back soon, waiting on response from the dhs.

This is just the first update v12. Will let you know more on the second update as we get closer. Catch you guys later!
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