Current thoughts on FRI/SAT AM snow totals only sharing here. Will fine tune tomorrow then post to wider audience. 00z run coming out now, GFS was snowier but I'm reluctant to go there. Just enough uncertainty wait.
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Glad to see you back in the saddle. I check in now and then for your comments and happy to see something this time.
When I noticed the earlier storm in the week got severely occluded with much of the energy gobbled up south of here, I figured the snowmobilers would have to wait. On the other hand, when NOAA weather started talking about heavy snow Friday into Saturday last week Saturday already, I started monitoring the storm when it was 3000 miles away yet. This time the storm intensified from the Rocky’s all the way up here. It was interesting to see the models I monitor all saying the same thing two days in advance.
Anyways, hope to see another post.

Keep your stick on the ice.re...
Dadyoho | Jan 14, 2024
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Thanks Dadyoho! It was an interesting week!
Justin Poublon | Jan 14, 2024


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