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Wisconsin Weather

JAN 30, 2021 | Winter Storm - 13" Heavy Snow in Racine

LAST UPDATE : JAN 31, 2021

SUN 7:58AM - Couple observations this am. Heavier snow bands did not translate northward thru southern WI like modeled. This leaves us with a large swatch of slowly accumulating light snow. Forecast looks fine elsewhere.

NOT impressed with snow reports this AM in southern WI. Still snowing and hopefully we close the gap.
NOT impressed with snow reports this AM in southern WI. Still snowing and hopefully we close the gap.

SAT 8:27AM - INCREASED SNOW TOTALS. Went with 4-7" zone in southern WI supported by all models. I still feel 1-3" is a safe bet up there. Hope it works out!

SAT 12:30AM - latest EC supports prior statements with a nod towards more snow in WI.

FRI 10:33PM - Looking at the 00z model update tonight. Strong support of a 3-6", perhaps even 4-7" swath across all of southern Wisconsin. Certainly snowier than earlier predictions. I'm comfortable with 3-6". Curious see the new ECMWF tonight.

00NAM latest snowfall prediction showing 4-7
00NAM latest snowfall prediction showing 4-7" across all of southern WI. Increases in northern WI too.

FRI 1:34PM - Video Forecast

FRI 8:19AM - latest models trending snowier across Wisconsin. Moved the 3-6"& 1-3" zones further north from yesterday's forecast. Trimmed 6-9" along WI/IL border but kept it right along Lake Michigan in SE WI where Lake enhancement is expected into Sunday AM. Will have a video update this afternoon. Stay tuned and thank you!

THU 2:54PM - Map posted below. Working on development w/limited time so no forecast discussion today. Will shoot for an update on Friday. Thanks

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Storm Details

Winter Storm
SAT 3:00 PM - Jan 30, 2021
SUN 6:00 PM - Jan 31, 2021
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Comments (2)

Justin, I’m so happy every time I see an update from you like this for Saturday 1/30-31. Sometimes feel lost in a maze of standard forecasts, longing for your return.  Hope things are improving for you. And, here’s to hoping this snow falls on me!  
RGSODR | Jan 29, 2021
Justin Poublon likes this
Thank you & much appreciated! I feel like the gears are moving again. 
Justin Poublon | Jan 29, 2021
RGSODR likes this
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